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Interesting Apparel And Accessories For Dogs

Interesting Apparel And Accessories For Dogs

Everyone knows about dog coats and jackets but what are some interesting apparel and accessories for dogs.

Dog Bow Ties & Dog Formal Wear

Starting off our list is dog bow ties. Wedding season is here and walking your pooch down the isle with a trendy dog bow tie will set you apart from the rest. We also have a selection of dog ties as well. If you are bringing your dog to a formal event, they should look the part.

Dog Yoga wear

Who would’ve thought that dog yoga or better known as Doga would be a thing? That’s right we did we have a fabulous line of dog yoga wear for any occasion. Our dog active wear keeps your dog’s cool and can protect them from the sun’s harmful rays.  

Dog Life Jackets

The summer is here and so are life jackets. There are a lot of dogs who aren’t strong swimmers and for snubbed nose dogs having a life jacket should be a necessity. Dog life jackets are for sea faring dogs and can be used for rehabilitation purposes. Using a dog life jacket in the pool for dog can help them keep cool for longer periods of time and reduce the stress on their joints.

Dog Hats

Dog hats are a great way to keep the sun out of your dogs’ eyes. Dogs with cataracts need to keep there eyes out of the sun as much as possible while also looking fashion forward. Dogs can also get sunburned and putting sunblock on their nose isn’t an option this is where a dog UV protection hat comes in and can protect their nose from being burnt. Besides the medical reasons why someone needs a dog hat they are eye catching in a good way.

Dog Shoes

Dog shoes are the most important accessory and apparel on our list. Dogs shoes have multiple functions keeping your dogs’ feet warm in the winter and preventing your dog feet from being burned in the summer. Dog shoes have a wide variety of uses using waterproof dog shoes in the pool can prevent your dog from breaking your pool loungers. Having open toed dog sandals are perfect for cleaning after a long day at the beach. Dog boots are an everyday accessory that should be used to protect their feet in the long run.

Dog Backpacks

Dog backpacks are one of the most convenient products on our list. Having your dog carry a portable food and water bowl, dog waste bags, and even some treats is extremely convenient. Dog bags are also a fabulous accessory with cute & playful dog backpacks it blends functionality with personality.    

Dog Umbrellas

Dog umbrellas are a necessity in rainy cities I personally use one on my pug. My dog doesn’t like to go outside when it rains even with her raincoat on. Once I started to use a dog umbrella that changed it provided her with just enough cover that she can go without getting wet.

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