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How To Meet Your Perfect Dog?

How To Meet Your Perfect Dog?

If you are looking to meet your perfect dog companion you came to the right place. Picking out the right dog is a difficult task because this will be your pet for the next 10-15 years. So how do you find your canine soulmate?

Looking in all the wrong places.

When it came time for myself to pick out a dog, I found myself going to luxurious and posh dog breeders. I figured out that I was looking in the wrong place trying to find a dog on google and searching dog breeders near me. After looking at 14 or so different dog breeds and breeders as was just as confused as when I started my search. I realized I needed to take a step back and figure out what kind of dog I was looking for.

All I knew is that I needed a small dog living in the city to fit in my small apartment. While keeping an opened mind it helped me discover my cute baby pug. I wasn’t interested in pugs at first, I was in the market for a Corgi, Maltese, and Beagle after looking around at a few I realized that none of those dogs that I saw had the personality I was looking for.

At this point I started looking at shelter dogs to widen my horizons. This is where I started to fall in love with pugs however none at the few shelters that I visited had exactly what I was looking for as well. I was about to call it quits before I called one place that just had a bunch of pug puppies that needed a good home. This is where I picked up my furry bundle of joy almost 11 years ago. My pug still has all of the charisma and charm as she did the day I picked her up. It was at this point I realized that looking for a specific breed isn’t what you should be set on the connection that you have with a dog is the important part.

How To Find Your Dog Soulmate?

Avoid Expensive Breeders: I began my search here and realized that it was one of the worst ways to look for a dog. Also adopting a dog that is a certain breed like a Collie or better known as Lassie dog breed has certain expectations from that breed. These expectations have a larger chance of owners surrendering their dogs to shelters. Millions of dogs end up in shelters every year and hundreds of thousands are being euthanized. You shouldn’t look for a dog based on breed because you won’t be happy with your choice in the end.

Keep an Opened Mind: Keeping an opened mind helped me find the best dog for me. I knew in general that I was looking for a small dog, but I never refused to look at a large dog. You never know when you will find the perfect dog so don’t close the door on one before they come in.

Don’t Shop Online For A Dog: A dog isn’t something to be purchased online you need to feel a connection with them before you think of spending a penny. The best way to find your doggy match is to interact with as many dogs as possible and its almost impossible to do that online. Dog Shelters are a great way to find a dog you are searching for and on the plus side you get to play with a bunch of dogs.


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