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Fun Facts About Dogs

Fun Facts About Dogs

“Dog noses are wet to help their sense of smell”

The main reason why your dog’s nose is wet is to aid in their sense of smell. There are also several other reasons why their snoots are wet. While it’s believed that dogs don’t sweat, they actually do. Dog sweat from their noses and paws which helps them cool down. Dog noses can also be wet because your dog will lick their nose to clean them off.

“A dog’s nose can breathe air in and out at the same time”

A dog’s nose has two functions it has the ability to separate air where a portion goes directly to their olfactory senses which helps distinguish scents while the other portion is for breathing. This means that while your dog sniffs it can move air in and out at the same time making a continuous circulation of air. This is vastly different from humans who can only breath in or out at a given time.

“Dogs have three eyelids”

Dogs actually have three eyelids two which can be seen and one which is hidden. The third eyelid sits in the inner most corner of your dog’s eye. This third eyelid is to provide their eyes with additional protection and lubrication for the eye. Remember you shouldn’t be able to see the third eyelid if you are seeing the eyelid it could be due to trauma or infection which is a sign that your dog may need veterinary attention.  

“Dogs aren’t colorblind”

It is common to think that dogs are actually colorblind but in fact they aren’t. While dogs can’t see as many colors as humans can they are still able to differentiate between colors. While dogs can’t see as vividly as humans this is due to their eyes having fewer cones which suggests that their vision won’t be as rich and intense as we see color. The specific colors that a dog can see are yellow, blue and gray and various shades in between. If you have a dog who has difficulty seeing a red dog toy its because red is a difficult color for them to see. Try finding a dog toy that is blue or yellow this can help your dog see their toys easier rather than looking grayish.

“Dalmatians are born pure white”

Dalmatian puppies are born white their spots develop as they get older. This is common for dog breeds that are colored by ticking. Ticking is spots of color on white areas that can occur on any white area of a dog. Since a dalmatians spots are due to ticking they are born pure white at first and will develop their spots over time.

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