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Fourth of July | Can Dogs Eat Barbeque?

Fourth of July | Can Dogs Eat Barbeque?

Fourth of July | Can Dogs Eat Barbecue?

There are a lot of things dogs can’t eat, but can dogs eat barbecue? For the most part your dogs are safe, but there are a few things that your pets shouldn’t eat this July 4th.


Giving a dog chicken bones can splinter especially when cooked. Removing the bones when giving your dog chicken is needed. Removing the bones should be done regardless if it is chicken, beef, or fish. There are a few exceptions to the rule however it is best to not give them the bones at all in case of the bones splitting. If you are adamant there are dog bones formulated for dogs so they wont splinter.

Drinks Other Than Water

You dog knows how to have a good time without alcohol so skip it. There are a few other drink you should be on the lookout for milk and dairy products should be avoided as well. Any fruit juices should also be avoided, there are a few vegetable juices that are okay, but its best to be safe than sorry. Having clean water for your dogs in their dog bowls is the only drink it should be having.  

Uncut meat

All meat should be cut up to prevent your dog from choking near the BBQ. Hot dogs are a danger if not cut properly is can block the esophagus. Treat a hot dog like a grape for infants where you need to cut them into small enough pieces where they can’t choke. The fat on a steak can also get stuck in your dogs throat it is recommended that you cut all meat given to your dogs and allow ample time for it to cool down. There is also raw dog food options formulated for your dog if you are still worried.

What is Okay For Your Dogs To Eat

Most meats in general are okay for your dog to eat. Try to avoid the over spicing your meats if your dog is going to part take in the meal. It is also best to avoid spicy food in general for dogs since it can cause discomfort and even pain in some dogs. Some say that it is okay for your dog to have BBQ sauce on the meat, but that is up to you if you feel comfortable giving a burger covered in barbecue sauce. I personally don’t recommend this because it might cause indigestion.

The Fourth of July is barbecue day & spending time with the family this holiday weekend is important. Just make sure you are also looking out for the fuzziest member in your family.


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