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Dry, Canned, Or Semi-moist: Best Dog Food Choices

Dry, Canned, Or Semi-moist: Best Dog Food Choices

Choosing the right dog food is not a matter of preference but what the pet requires. Depending on the dog's needs, vets may recommend specific food types, primarily wet and dry. Generally, though, wet foods are better than dry ones because they have more proteins that are easy to digest, and also, the fact that they have more moisture keeps the dog well hydrated.


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What may be different is the brand you choose to buy since other manufacturers and companies have varied foods on the market. If you wonder which food to buy for your dogs, this article will help you know what matters. Keep reading to find out more.


Food Choices for Dogs

There are numerous food choices for dogs. These can be dry, canned, or most (semi-moist) foods. It is usual for a pet owner to wonder which food would be best for their pet. Fortunately, your vet is the best person to recommend the specific food type based on the dog's needs at any given time.

However, it helps to understand the pros and cons of each food type. This will make it easy for you to make the right decisions.


Semi-Moist Foods

If you consider giving your dog semi-moist foods, you should know that these food types contain a lot of added sugars and salts. Consequently, they are not suitable for all dogs, especially if you are interested in regular feeding. Most semi-moist foods also come with chemical preservatives, color, and flavoring.

These enhancers make such food only suitable for occasional treats when you want to reward the dog. It may also work when traveling since these foods are very convenient since all you need to do is open a pouch and pour it into the feeding bowl. Just find out the calorie proportions and the amount your vet recommends for your dog per feeding time.


Wet Dog Food From Petlife

There are numerous weed dog food brands you can choose from, but none beats the foods from pet life. These have been formulated to meet your dog's immediate needs. The foods are flavored perfectly to make your dog crave for more. But before we get into the specific choices you can make; you may want to understand these wet food types more.

As one of the top pet brands, you can be sure that you will get the right wet food choices easily at Petlife. The variety of brands includes Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, and Nutro Weruva. Besides that, these wet foods also come in different textures, making it easy to choose what works for your pet.

If your pup is a picky eater, then the variety of wet dog foods from Petlife will be ideal. They come in various exciting flavors and are even more suited for older dogs who may need softer food since kibble is hard. One other reason to pick wet foods is that they are easier to digest than raw foods. What's more, they are a lot cleaner and fresher, with lots of tasty flavors too.

Healthy wet dog food brands offer a lot. For instance, wet food has a higher protein concentration than dry foods. This makes them more ideal for puppies. In addition, these foods are also well hydrated, which is a plus when feeding newborn puppies and younger pups in general. The foods also tend to have more natural ingredients and fewer preservatives, making them a healthier option for a pet.

If you are dealing with an old dog that suffers from indigestion and constipation due to poor digestion, you should consider getting wet food types because they are more appropriate. You can now understand why many households prefer wet foods from Petlife for their pups with all these advantages. Below are a few flavors you can get for all the textures your pup loves. Wet dog flavors from petlife can be categorized into two different flavors, namely the exotic and traditional flavors.


Exotic Flavors

These are the not-so-common flavors for dogs. They are excellent when considering changing the dog's foods or mixing the flavors for variety. Note that exotic flavors are not meant to replace the traditional flavored wet foods but should only work as a change. These flavors include:

  • Quail: This is an excellent substitution for dogs that may be allergic to chicken and beef. It is an excellent hypoallergenic food for pups with a problem with digestion. It is made of raw ingredients and makes it perfect for dogs. While some people believe that quail is better than chicken, it is all a matter of your pet's preference.
  • Pheasant: This is another alternative for dogs who may be allergic. The flavor is exciting and will be one that your dog enjoys. It is free of artificial coloring and preservatives and highly recommended for sensitive digestion dogs.
  • Rabbit: Rabbit-flavored wet dog food is excellent and more available. It works better for dogs that may be allergic to fish, chicken, and beef. Your dog enjoys a superb food choice just as they would in the wild.


Traditional Wet Dog Foods

This is a selection of wet dog flavors that are more common and readily available. They make the main meal and are more staple than exotic foods. They include:

  • Beef: This is a popular food flavor that is readily available. What's more, beef is a must-have for dogs at all stages of growth. They mostly come as chunks with flavored gravy. They are also excellent when mixed with kibble for boosting digestion.
  • Chicken: This makes one of the three readily and most common available dog foods. Wet chicken is available in chunks and is often deboned, making it easier even for puppies to enjoy.
  • Pork: This is an excellent choice, especially if your dog enjoys the taste. It is also the fattest food choice for your dogs that contributes to helping with omega-six fat supply for the dogs. You can choose to use this dog food type as a staple because it includes vegetables such as carrots, which improve flavoring and make the meal complete for a serving.
  • Salmon: Salmon is one of the fish foods that work perfectly as dog food. It is excellent for both puppies and adult dogs and provides omega oils. Your vet may recommend it for specific dogs because of its richness.
  • Turkey: This may be similar to chicken but different in nutritional value. It is leaner and has a more concentrated level of protein than chicken. It also has high concentrations of macronutrients, just as chicken has.
  • Duck: Duck is a great traditional flavor that works perfectly for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This explains why some people consider it an exotic brand. It is available in chunks and purees, making it an easy choice for older and younger dogs.

Now that you have understood the available wet food flavors for your dog from Petlife, you will be pleased to know that there are numerous specific brands and foods to pick from. Below are a few you can choose from.


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  1. Nature's Logic Beef Tripe Canned Dog Food - 13.2 oz Cans - Case of 12
  2. Ziwi Peak Chicken Pate Canned Dog Food - 13.75 Oz - Case of 12
  3. Stella & Chewy's Lil' Bites Stew Chicken Turkey Wet Dog Food - 2.7 Oz - Case of 12
  4. Evanger's 'Against the Grain' Nothing Else Pork Canned Dog Food - 11 oz Cans - Case of 12
  5. Cesar Canine Cuisine Gourmet Filets Prime Rib Flavor Wet Dog Food - 3.5 oz - Case of 24

Before settling on what you consider the Best Canned Dog Food, consider feeding your dog a variety of foods in the wet category and observe what it likes best. You could also have a list of favorites and change the food choice after a while. The bottom line is to ensure your dog is happy and well-fed.


Dry Dog Foods


Cesar Canine Cuisine Savory Rotisserie Chicken Flavor with Bacon and Cheese Wet Dog Food - 3.5 oz - Case of 24


Besides wet foods for dogs, you also have the option of choosing to feed your dog with dry foods (kibble). Most pet owners prefer kibbles because they are more economical and easier to store. Besides, dehydrated foods are also straightforward to get, and they last longer. These foods do not require special storage like wet or freezer foods.

You can always find hard and soft dry dog food to match your pet's preference. With the numerous flavor types and varieties available at Petlife, you can be sure that your dog will find something that works for them, no matter how picky they are. Below are a few flavors for both traditional and exotic categories.


Traditional dry dog foods

  • Beef: This is undoubtedly one of the staples you will find as dog food. The beef-dried foods are available either as air-dried beef slices or kibbles. You do not have to worry about finding a freezer for your dog to enjoy a completely healthy meal when you can purchase the dry beef kibbles.
  • Chicken: Dried chicken is available and packed with beneficial nutrients for your dogs. In addition to the chicken, this feed also has added healthy ingredients such as chickpeas and oats. This makes the dried chicken meal a wholesome meal that boosts your dog's health.
  • Turkey: Another popular dry dog meal for your dog would be the turkey flavor. It is an excellent option for a dog with extra fat since it is leaner than other feed choices. You can also add it to the grains and give your dog a wholesome meal.
  • Duck: Duck is also nutrient-packed and works perfectly for dogs with limited food choices. It is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs and is highly recommended for allergic dogs.
  • Salmon: This is a fish meal that works perfectly for your dogs, especially those deficient in omega 3, vitamin B12, and potassium. It is a rich source of nutrients and a worthy investment for your pet. Your vet may recommend it for anemic dogs and those with high blood pressure.
  • Lamb: Making it to the list of favorite dry traditional foods is the lamb kibbles. These are high in omega 3 and are considered one of the options given to pets with fewer options due to their allergies. It has quickly become stable in the dog food industry since most pet owners pick it for their sensitive dogs.


Exotic Dry Dog Foods


Pets Global Zignature Pork Formula Dry Dog Food - 25 lb Bag


The exotic dry food section is also filled with several options. These foods should be picked as substitutes and not necessarily a total replacement of the staple foods. They are good for occasional treats as well. They include rabbit and sweet potatoes.

Generally, when choosing dry foods for your pet, go for foods rich in nutrients. Consider buying pet life brands because they come with clear labels, and you get to know what is in the food. What's more, the brands from petlife are all perfectly vetted and ensured to be safe. Some of the brands you can buy include:

  1. Stella & Chewy's Raw Coated Wholesome Duck Dry Dog Food - 22 lbs
  2. Verus Puppy Advantage Dry Dog Food - 4 lb Bag
  3. Verus Adult Maintenance (Lamb & Oats) Dry Dog Food - 35 lb Bag
  4. Pro Pac Performance Dry Dog Food - 40 lbs
  5. Verus Life Advantage Dry Dog Food - 25 lb Bag
  6. Pets Global Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dry Dog Food - 25 lb Bag


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right dog food for your pet makes a huge difference. You want to select a product full of nutrients and easy for the dog to digest. Fortunately, there are numerous choices to settle for. Make sure you go for an affordable option, available and fresh. Try to mix both kibbles and wet foods if possible. The health and well-being of your dog sometimes depend on the food you choose for it, so make sure to make the right ones. Consult your vet if you must or when you are stuck on what food to pick.

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