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Does my dog really need a Bed?

Does my dog really need a Bed?

Does my dog really need a Bed?

I mean come on? Is a bed for my dog really necessary? Can't he just sleep on the floor? These are all questions that many ponder whether or not it's really worth to to shell out some bucks in buying a bed for your furry friend.


Dog Beds first of all aren't a necessity, yes we're a retailer and we're here to tell you the truth. Owning a bed isn't detrimental to their physical health, they don't need a state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line Temper-pedic like many of us do such as bed toppers and silky covers. Dogs are designed to live in the wild, while they're domesticated animals it's not a necessity. Sure they can crash on your couch but they might leave a stain here and there and that might not be something you want on your brand new sofa.


Dog Beds however surely do provide comfort, I mean would you want your best friend who just flew in from England to sleep on your floor? while he most likely would mind, dogs are known as companion animals and they're surely part of your family (And they know it - while you might think you have them on a leash, it's always the other way around). A bed is not only important to provide them with their stain-free living space but also important in proving them with a space to call their own. While you might own a dog house or a dog crate, a bed provides them with a more opened lounging area that is known to ease anxiety and actually increase their rest periods, and we all known the importance of proper rest. Rest is known to replenish their muscles and relax their minds. The more comfortable they are the likeliness they'll get into a deeper sleep known as REM, it's important that they achieve this level of sleep so that your dog isn't as moody as most of us are when our coffee spills all over our brand new trench coats.


Sleep is the single most important nightly routines that pro-long life and replenish our cells. We've all heard of the saying "Look who slept on the wrong side of the bed" that's actually very true, without proper lack of sleep moods are certainly affected and that caused rest periods throughout the day when it's factually harder to achieve REM sleep. So in short, yes investing in the right dog bed that provided the best possible comfort, that while actually isn't a necessity provides numerous health benefits. If you don't like sleeping on the floor then I'm sure you wouldn't want your best friend doing that either. At the end of the day, dog's are apart of your family and they'll love you no matter what. But for crying out loud if you haven't done so yet and you're a new pet owner, PLEASE buy them a dog bed and take those newspapers off the floor like a scene from the movie Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. They need a good nights rest and so do we!





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