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Deodorizers For Pets: All You Need To Know

Deodorizers For Pets: All You Need To Know

We've all experienced it before: entering a friend's house and BAM! You get smacked down with a heavy pungent smell coming from the pet and its crib due to pee or dampness.

But just because you sense it doesn't mean others are smelling it too. However, it's human for others to become insensitive to surrounding odors, especially if it's a long persisting odor.


brown scottish fold in brown thick file blanket smells nice


Even if you're aware of odor from your pets at home, the situation might be more difficult.

Although you pay close attention to your pet's cleanliness, you will have days when your pet stinks. This might be due to more than simply dirt or dust. It could also be due to moisture in the air. If you're attending any big event and wish your dog to look and smell nice, you'll need to invest in dog deodorizers.

Here's all you ought to understand about pet deodorizers for your home before you go out and buy one.


Why Use The Best Pet Deodorizers?

Are you aware that the air quality within the average home is 2–5 times worse than the air outside? The harsh chemicals and scents in the cleaning products and sprays you use are the culprit.

So what should you do? Opt out of using mediocre sprays and deodorizers at all costs!


Using The Right Fragrance

Even if your dog smells like it crawled out of the dumpster, you don't want to use a perfume that is excessively strong or unpleasant. Also, if you're not too fond of scents, you could wish to opt for something with a more natural aroma.

Most products aim for a pleasant unscented smell. However, some smells might be too strong at times. Therefore, it's essential to carefully consider how a specific fragrance will affect the odor and your pet. Generally speaking, if you have allergies, a subtle, natural smell is your best choice.

Chamomile and lavender are good alternatives for a more relaxing smell for your pet. Another perfume that isn't overpowering and equally helps freshen up your dog's fur is orange.

Here is one of the primary reasons you need to only opt for the highest quality pet deodorizers.

Now that it's agreed that you need to opt for nothing but the best pet deodorizers. Let's look at the top sprays and deodorizers available on the market.


King Klean pet bedding spray


King Klean Deodorizing and Sanitizing Cat and Dog Bed Spray - 12 oz


King Klean pet bedding spray has a natural lemongrass perfume that will leave your house and the car feeling fresh and clean. Most significantly, this mixture is fully alcohol-free and environmentally friendly.


WEE Away Odor Rescue Carpet Shampoo

WEE AWAY TM Odor Rescue Carpet Shampoo is a specialist carpet and upholstery cleaner that effectively removes all stains and filth. Manufactured with Natural enzymes and a proprietary recipe fuel, this deodorizer is eco-friendly, Green Certified, and all-natural.


Mauro MySpace Cat And Dog Deodorizer

A mild and delicate enhanced aroma-therapeutic blend meant to stimulate and reassure your dog's daily routine, and a sense of personal space, either at home or on the road.


Earth Friendly ECOS Skunk Odor Remover

Natural Pet Skunk Odor Remover is a natural method to remove scents from your pet, textiles, carpets, sealed wood floors, upholstery, tile, furniture, and any other non-water-affected surface. It doesn't cause skin irritation, nor does it affect the paws or coats of pets.


Boxiecat Dog and Cat Odor and Stain Remover


Boxiecat Cat and Dog Stain and Odor Remover Extra Strength - 24 Oz


BoxiePro Stain & Odor Stopper eliminates the need for scrubbing and makes cleanup a breeze. This multi-surface cleaner has a sophisticated combination of probiotics to combat any pet filth, old or new.


Choosing The Best Dog Deodorizers

Many individuals struggle to discover the ideal pet deodorizer for their homes and pets. That's due to how stressful the purchase process usually turns out. You must first identify a trusted supplier with genuine products before determining which product is ideal for your needs.

Usually, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials from friends or family, online forums where people discuss their experiences, online product reviews, and YouTube channels are excellent places to find out more about the best deodorizers. You can do the homework necessary to acquire the perfect products with these.

But given the list above, you can considerably cut down the research time. If you're wondering how to select the best pet deodorizers, consider the factors below.


Factors to Consider


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Specifications/Ingredients - Checking the ingredients and their percentages is vital when dealing with products like fragrances and sprays, whether for pets or personal use. Therefore, the primary goal is to choose pet deodorizers that lack harmful ingredients or are made entirely with natural components.

Features - The best pet deodorizers don't need to be feature-packed, but it's essential to look for some key features. These features include anti-itching, soothing scent, neutral pH, environmentally-friendly ingredients, etc.

Brand Value - To choose the best deodorizer for dogs or cats, you first need to look for the best brands. Failure to do this due to compromise on price could increase the possibility of purchasing a low-grade product.

Value For Money - They say you get what you pay for, and it's no different with pet deodorizers. However, it's not always the case that the most expensive product is the best. Thus, You need to ensure that the spray you choose and your initial budget aren't too far apart. Fortunately, each pet deodorizer on this list offers exceptional value for money.

Availability - Some previously popular pet products might not be available anymore, while some go out of stock. Hence, you need to choose a deodorizer that you can restock regularly, so your pet doesn't have to deal with new products every other day.



The Mauro MySpace Cat And Dog Deodorizer is the finest overall dog deodorizing spray since it stimulates and detangles hairs while leaving a lovely, fresher fragrance afterward. On the other hand, Boxiecat Dog and Cat Odor and Stain Remover is also an excellent alternative that's alcohol-free and suitable for dogs and cats with skin allergies, all at a highly competitive price.

Hopefully, the mention of these top five best dog deodorizing sprays will assist you in narrowing down the multitudes in the market by selecting the best product for your pets. Now, you'll be able to overcome any unpleasant pet odor in-between grooming sessions. Have fun shopping!

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