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Celebrate International Yoga Day!

Celebrate International Yoga Day!

Celebrate international yoga day with your dog!

Dog yoga also known as “Doga” is a relatively new trend that is starting to catch on. Doga is what it sounds like doing yoga with a dog, but is it possible to train your dog to do yoga? The answer is yes and by doing so you deepen your bonding experience with your pets.  

Dogs can’t do most traditional yoga poses, but what they can do is copy your movements to the best of their abilities. It is best to start training your dog early on to have the best chance of doing Doga effectively. It is not impossible, but you know the saying can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So, what are the benefits of doing doggie yoga.

Physical Benefits

Even if your dog isn’t participating doing Doga with you, yoga itself is great for your body. It is always easier starting something new with someone so why not your dog. Choosing a yoga partner hasn’t been easier and the benefits for doing yoga with a partner helps keep you on track. There are plenty of yoga positions that you can do with your dog for beginners we recommend you start off with some basic yoga stretching. This will give time for your pet to understand what you are trying to do. Yoga can make you more flexible and strengthen your body without gaining bulk.

Bonding With Your Pup

The purpose of Doga isn’t about perfecting every move it is about the connection with you and your dog. Spending a little extra time with your dog daily has great benefits on your mental health. There have been studies that prove owning a pet makes you live longer. This bonding is not only needed for your puppy its for you as well. Getting a little exercise while having a partner that won’t criticize you while making your bond between you and your dog stronger what’s not to like.


If you think you are the only one doing dog yoga, you are mistaken. There are groups of social media that post pictures consistently doing Doga. If walking with a dog makes you more approachable imagine if your dog is wearing a yoga outfit. This is a great way to socialize get out of the house and do something that is fun and good for your health.


If you think that your dog isn’t going to try licking your face, headbutt you or do 101 weird things you’re in for a surprise. Even if you can’t get your dog to do the yoga poses with you, every time you do Doga is a different experience. I have personally tried Doga and I had a pawsitive experience.   

Stress Relief

I tried dog yoga this morning for international yoga day and it started my day off on the right foot. I walked into work stress free this morning excited to write this article. Any stress that I had from the week vanished after doing Doga.

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Have any interesting news or articles we are glad to hear it feel free to contact us or comment!

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