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Best Dog Combs Suitable For Your Dog's Breed

Best Dog Combs Suitable For Your Dog's Breed

When you caress your furry friend at home, you may realize the need for skin-friendly combs and brushes for a shining dog coat. Dogs need suitable grooming tools to look smart and dapper like other pet animals.

Frequent dog brushing helps in the even distribution of oil throughout your dog’s coat and helps prevent irritating tangles and matting.






Different dog breeds need specific combs for their fur. It might be tricky to choose combs for mixed breeds and aging dogs. Although you may prefer seeking professional guidance from your vet or groomer, knowing your dog’s combing needs will make the task easier.  

Here are different types of combs to consider when you shop dog combs for your thoroughbred dog.


Types Of Dog Comb

Different dog combs serve a specific purpose. Here are some popular dog combs based on your pet’s needs.

Fine and medium-toothed combs help remove the last tangle your dog brush might have missed. A fine comb also helps remove dirt and fleas. It is best for dogs with soft or fine to medium textured hair.


Wide-toothed combs also help in detangling a dog’s fur. They are best for dogs with dense coats. Use a wide-toothed comb slowly to avoid pulling your dog’s hair.


Mat combs are a professional tool to work on dog tangles and mats. Get the help of a spray detangler to do the job without hair pulling. Mat combs are best for long-coat and curly hair.


Pin combs are thicker grade flexible combs. They are easier on a dog’s hair and deliver a smoother combing experience. Equally compatible with cats and kittens, pin combs effectively remove knots and tangles and style dog hair with proper grip.

For dogs with long and flowing hair, comb along the hair grain, and for dogs with thin hair, preferably go against the hair grain.


Deshedder combs are an advanced dog grooming tool with shorter blades to help remove topcoat fur. The ejector button of the dog deshedder comb pops out of the inner shell when you are brushing your dog’s hair and detracts inside.

Hence, providing your furry animal a convenient hair disposal method at the press of a button. The smaller and sharper stainless-steel blades in this no-mess combing option smoothen your canine’s topcoat layer perfectly.


Tooth comb enhances dog grooming with a high-quality pet bristle brush The handy size makes it easier to carry around. Tooth combs also come in wider and narrow tooth options to detangle dog hair. Tooth combs may not have the functions of a deshedder comb.


Dematting combs have specifically designed curved edges to pull out hair knots.


Rake combs have a straighter design structure to make your dog hair tangle-and-knot-free.


Dog Combs To Pick For Pet Care

With the right comb in hand, your dog will sport a healthy and vibrant coat—Shop Dog Combs, keeping your breed’s fur and hair length in mind. The following are some excellent options.


1. Pet Life ‘Concepto’ Modern Bristle Grooming Pet Deshedder Comb






This is a sleek and simplistic high-quality pet bristle brush your pets will enjoy getting combed with. The reverse side has an oval-shaped hair ejection button to remove the dog’s shed hairs. Long stainless-steel bristles gently remove the knots and tangles in the top and undercoat layers. The comb handle has an ABS traction grip to bring control while combing. You can pick from three colors–pink, green and blue.


2. Pet Life ‘Wagnify’ 360 Degree Multi-Directional Pet Rake Comb






This unique dog comb has a rounded rake to remove knots and tangles while grooming the dog’s top and undercoat. It provides a multi-directional range of motion in dog combing. With stainless steel blades and rubber-like grip, it is soft to handle and precise about its job. This rake comb suits short and long hair breeds. It’s available in three colors - pink, brown, and green.


3. Pet Life ‘Joyne’ 2-in-1 Swivel Travel Grooming Comb And Deshedder





This dog deshedder comb opens 180 degrees on both sides like a pocket knife.  The stainless-steel comb and deshedder remove knots, tangles, and loose hair from the dog’s undercoat and topcoat. It’s small, compact, and lightweight, making it perfect for carrying in a pocket and purse. Deshedder and comb blades are compliant with short hair and long hair breeds. The above top-loop or handle strap is suitable for carrying it around. It’s available in three modern colors–white, pink, and green.


4. Pet Life ‘Conversion’ 5-in-1 Interchangeable Dematting And Deshedding Pet Comb




This 5-in-1 interchangeable pet comb is an all-in-one grooming tool for your dog. It combines a high-quality pet bristle brush with stainless steel dematter, deshedder, pin brush, and a silicone massage comb.

The bristle, pin brush, and silicone massage open onto the front, whereas the dematter and deshedder open at the back. With this, you can remove your dog’s tangles and knots, polish the topcoat and undercoat, and massage your dog in-bath.

The rubber-like easy-grip handle guarantees comfort, control, and precision. You can pick from your favorite color - green, blue, or pink.


Dog Hair Grooming Tips

Dog combs come in many variations. They can be simple and effective or may make you regret your purchase. Shop dog combs made with sturdy and durable materials like stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and long-lasting.

Look for wide and narrow spacing in dog combs. Check its quality features if you wish to buy a flea and tick removal comb for your furry animal.

Get a dog comb with a comfortable, no-slip handle. This will give you a better grip and decrease the chances of dropping it and hurting yourself or your pet.

Avoid giving into gimmicks, as they can yield unsatisfactory results. Superfluous extras in dog combs may compromise your dog’s comfort and security. It is best to save money for a sturdy-looking and pet-friendly comb.


Final Thoughts

If you are a new pet owner or unfamiliar with dog grooming tools, consider buying multi-functional tools with interchangeable heads like the Pet Life Conversion 5-in-1 Brush that contains a dog deshedder comb, dematter, bristle, pin, and dog comb. Hair grooming devices like these will get you familiar with several dog combing tools without spending money on individual pieces.

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