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Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Buying A Dog Bed

Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Buying A Dog Bed

Dogs are one of the best pets to have. As a dog owner, you will want to create a comfortable and happy lifestyle for your dog. You might need to shop for several dog accessories like dog mats. But this can be catastrophic if you make the same mistakes that so many dog owners often make, buying the wrong bed.


brown and white long coated small dog lying on a dog bed


The wrong bed can ruin your dog's sleep quality, and like humans, dogs' moods are also affected by poor sleep. You will notice that your dog is sadder when it doesn’t sleep well. So, what should you consider when buying a good sleeping mat for your dog?


Mistakes To Avoid Making When Buying A Dog Bed


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Buying The Wrong Sized Bed

Dog size differs with the breed. Choosing the wrong size of a bed is one of the biggest mistakes that many dog owners make. Imagine sleeping a whole night with your body squeezed in one position. It sounds uncomfortable, right? If you buy a small bed, your dog will have to sleep in a squeezed position. Resting in such a position might be painful for them and damage the body long-term.

A big bed for a small dog like a chihuahua can be unnecessary and might take up extra room space. To Avoid buying your dog a bed that is too small or too big, measure your dog from its head to the point where its tail meets its body, preferably when sprawled out sleeping. If it is a puppy and you are unsure what size it will eventually grow into, please consult your vet. A perfectly sized bed should allow the dog to sleep naturally. It is the best for your dog and will be comfortable.


Buying A Poor Quality Bed

Cheap is expensive. You might want to cut costs when purchasing dog accessories. Yes, you will save some extra coins from buying dog beds, but what about the quality? If you buy a low-quality bed, it will wear out faster, and soon, you will have to buy a new one.

Also, a poor-quality bed will not create a comfortable sleeping environment for your dog. A high-quality bed is comfortable and durable. This means it's advisable to buy a high-quality Bed even if it might cost you more.

The bed should also fit perfectly with your house decoration. After all, it does become part of your furniture. And a high-quality bed will retain shape and color even after several washes.


Buying The Wrong Shaped Bed


brown and black yorkshire puppies


Every dog has a variety of sleeping positions. Observe your dog's sleeping positions to avoid buying a wrongly shaped bed. Take a few days and closely monitor the various sleep positions of your dog and choose a dog mat that will suitably accommodate all those sleeping positions. A round-shaped mat will be best if your dog loves to sleep in a curled-up position and a matted bed is ideal if your dog loves to sleep in a stretched-out position.

Avoid buying a bed shaped not to suit your dog. The shape of the bed you buy should adequately fit your dog's resting habits. If the bed accommodates the dog and all its sleeping positions, you will be guaranteed a happier and healthier dog.


Purchasing A bed That Is Not Chewing Proof

pet life neutral carpentry antibacterial designer dog mat

It’s the nature of dogs to chew on anything and everything. Puppies will do it to ease the pain of teething. Adult dogs do it to sharpen their teeth. Or they might do it because they are just bored, need attention, or are stressed.

Chewing destroys the bed so fast. And you end up finding yourself needing to buy a new one too soon. Also, there is the risk of your dog getting hurt by the contents from the bed. For example, an item may stick to their teeth, or they might swallow something that may injure their intestines.

Therefore, when purchasing a bed for your dog, consider buying a bed made from a PVC pipe or aluminum and is covered by a canvas fabric for your chewy dog. Be cautious of material that your dog may be allergic to.


Buying A Bed That Is Not Suitable For Your Dog

When buying a dog bed, you should consider the breed of the dog. It will help you buy a bed that perfectly suits your dog. The goal of purchasing a bed is for the dog to find a haven to sleep and relax. If you buy a bed that does not suit your dog, it will undoubtedly find a better place to sleep.

If your dog is too furry, you should consider buying a bed that keeps warmth only for a short period to prevent your dog from feeling too hot while sleeping. And if your dog is not furry, you should buy a bed with a thick coat that stores heat. Purchasing a bed that suits your dog guarantees quality sleep for the dog, and you also get good use for your money.

It would be best to consider special needs if your dog has any. For example, if your dog is aging, it might suffer from sore joints. For such, you should consider buying an orthopedic mat. Also, opt for an orthopedic bed if your dog is suffering from hip dysplasia or recovering from an injury.

Make sure to buy a bed that is removable and washable. This will help create a hygienic resting place for your dog and house.



The process of choosing a dog bed can be stressful. Should you find yourself stuck, check online for guides that might give you the assistance you need.  On factors to consider, place your dog’s bed in a comfortable position for the dog (do not place it in the hallway!) and also for you. Keep observing your dog’s interaction with their new bed. It will help you know if the bed is right for them or not. If you notice your dog displaying any signs of discomfort, please do not hesitate to change or return the bed.

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