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Are My Dog Toys Too Small Or Too Big?

Are My Dog Toys Too Small Or Too Big?

When it comes to choosing a dog toy you want one that isn’t going to break quickly. So how do you know if your dog toys are too big or too small? There are three different types of dog toys rubber, mesh, and rope that we are covering. For the purposes of this article we are excluding edible dog toys since they can be considered as treats.

Dog Toys That Are Too Small

It is better being safe than sorry if you are purchasing a rubber dog toy it is advised that you buy a slightly bigger one. This is true if you have puppies that will turn into large dogs for instance a Golden Retriever, Great Dane, or a German Shepherd. If you are thinking that your dog can choke on that toy, chances are it will. The best judge of character when it comes to a small dog toy is you if it looks too small it generally is.  

If you own a small dog for instance, I have a pug and she refused to play with any type of rubber toy she only plays with rope and jute toys. I haven’t found a rope dog toy that was too small for any dog to play with. If you are worried about a dog toy being too small purchasing a rope to instead can help you forgo those worries. An added benefit to owning a rope dog toy when your dog chews the fibers sink in between teeth which can clean you dogs teeth. This isn’t an alternative to cleaning your dogs teeth its just an added bonus.

Dog Toys That Are Too Big

How do you know if your dog toy is too big? If you own a rubber dog toy and it can’t fit comfortably your dogs mouth than it is obviously too big. While rubber toys have the benefit of being easily washable and durable, they usually come with a one size fits all approach. This can lead to a larger dog toy than expected it is important you check the sizing of the dog’s toys before you purchase a rubber dog toy. If you notice that you can’t bend or move the rubber dog toy in your hands it is too big unless you have an XL dog.

Rope dog toys are more forgiving having a large Pit Bull and a small Pug they both like rope toys and even play tug of war with each other. If you have multiple dogs of varying sizes jute dog toys can be used by dogs all shapes and sizes regardless of the size of the rope toy.  

Mesh dog toys is the bridge between the other dog toys having almost as good durability as a rubber toy, its more flexible than a rubber toy, and some have the added benefit of being waterproof. These mesh toys end up being your dog’s favorite for the most part since they can look like stuffed animals. Just like rope toys there isn’t a mesh dog toy that I have seen that’s too big.


When it comes to choosing a dog toy use your best judgement, if it looks too small it generally is. Purchase a larger dog toy if you own a puppy that will grow into a large dog. Rope toys and mesh dog toys are safe choices when worried about the size. If your dog likes rubber toys check the sizing listed on the products if it doesn’t fit comfortably in your dogs mouth it’s too big.

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