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Airline Requirements For A Pet Carrier: Everything You Need To Know

Airline Requirements For A Pet Carrier: Everything You Need To Know

Back in the day, the world of flying was much more leisurely, much more luxurious. While safety practices have improved in modern times, things like elaborate fine dining and smoking cigars aren't present across any commercial airline – but you can take your four-legged friend with you.

Many airlines allow pets to travel with you, as long as they're in a particular carrier. Now, as fun as it would be to have your furry buddy on the seat next to you free as a bird, due to safety, they'll have to be in a particular airline-approved carrier that fits all of the guides and restrictions imposed on pet travel, of which there are many.

Not every airline will have the same set of rules for pets, but some things get pretty universal. In this article, we'll talk a bit about traveling with your pet, the pet carrier you'll have to get, and how you can find one that fits the specific requirements of the airline and the needs of your canine companion.

What is an Airline Pet Carrier?

Image Source: Pixabay

Airline Dog Carriers are made significantly to help your furry friend travel with you. It has to fit particular requirements, the most important of which is that it needs to fit under your airline seat. Some airlines offer pet carriers at their respective stores, but these are usually pretty poor quality and cost a lot like most things tend to do when airlines are involved.

If you’re looking to purchase a pet carrier for your next flight, you’re best off with finding your own and then bringing it to the airport. Every airline will have a different set of rules regarding airline pet carriers, and depending on the size of your pet, you might not be able to travel with them. Some big breeds of dogs won't fit in regular pet carriers nor under your seat. If you have a huge pup, you'll want to find out the rules and regulations of the specific flight you're getting on.

Whatever you do, you’ll always want to talk to your airline of choice concerning their specific pet carrier policy. Furthermore, you should expect to pay extra for having your pet on board the flight. Now, this premium isn't going to be anything wild, as most companies charge anywhere from $100-$165 for each flight.

Buying your pet a ticket and an airline pet carrier isn’t the only thing you need to do before you and your pup go skyborne, as they’ll need to get a health check before they go on board. You need to travel with your pet to the vet for a general checkup to find out if they’re able to fly. Some conditions and illnesses might prevent your pup from flying, or they might present a hazard to other pets on board.

How To Pick An Airline Pet Carrier?

Image Source: Pixabay

Now, when it comes to picking the specific, sturdy dog carrier for your flight, you'll have to take more than a couple of things in mind. Flights don't usually last a couple of minutes, and you need to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible in their carrier. This is why a top-shelf option of airline dog carriers will need to have:

  1. Appropriate size
  2. Adequate cooling mechanism
  3. High-quality bedding and materials
  4. Good airflow
  5. Security zippers
  6. Bite proof walls
  7. Waterproof bottom

While finding a wide selection of airline pet carriers is as simple as having a quick amazon search, making sure you get the right one can be challenging. The first thing you'll want to do is measure your pet to ensure the airline pet carrier fits right.

When you measure your pet, you'll have to measure the length from their nose to their tail, their weight, as well as their height. Most airlines need your airline pet carrier to be big enough so your pet can comfortably stand up and turn in the carrier. Pets can't stick their heads through the carrier, so it needs to be big enough to accommodate your pet. When you have these metrics, you can browse through a range of pet carriers and find the one you and your pup like the most.

How to Get Your Pet Adjusted to Their Carrier?

Image Source: Pixabay

Pets, just like humans, don't like things that aren't familiar to them, especially if those things require them to be enclosed for hours on end. Some pets are moody – others are claustrophobic – the consensus states that no pet will be thrilled about going into their carrier, no matter how comfortable or accommodating it is.

Be that as it may, if you want to travel with your pet, you'll want to accommodate them to their new carrier before you ever step foot at the airport. This might be tricky, or it might be straightforward – the complexity of this process depends wholly on your pet. If your pet refuses to play along, a good way to make them love their new carrier is by giving them treats when they do enter it.

Final Thoughts

A sturdy dog carrier is necessary if you're looking to fly with your canine companion, but not just any option will do your dog justice. One has to do their homework before making any choice. Always get something that your dog will be comfortable in, and make sure to measure everything correctly. Flights tend to take time, and some dogs can get nervous on flights – so make sure to get your pup adequately accommodated, and you shouldn't face any problem when you're flying across the world.

People who have pets tend to regard them as fully-fledged members of the family. Therefore, pet owners should do everything they can to make their furry little friends have a comfortable and safe experience while traveling. Of course, this encompasses many things, but I think that we managed to go through some of the basics here in this text. Be sure to explore the vastness of the internet for more helpful tips.

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