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7 Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained and Active

7 Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained and Active

One of the things many individuals find very attractive about felines is that you can leave them alone for longer than canines.

Even with abundant nourishment and a litter box’s convenience, cats left alone for extended durations, day after day, can experience separation anxiety, loneliness, and boredom.

When you leave your cat with zero environmental enrichment or stimulation, it’s more likely to become lonely or bored.

That doesn’t mean that you should permit your cute furry friend to go outside for entertainment or stimulation.

The great outdoors may have stimulation, but it’s thronging with uncertainty and hazard as well.

It may be challenging to keep your kitty active and entertained if you’re a new cat parent. Luckily, the post below got you covered.


A cat baby somewhat feared and confused



How Can You Tell That Your Feline is Bored?

You might believe that with the fifteen hours each day your kitty spends sleeping that it might not experience boredom. Unfortunately, cats can- and do- get bored as well.

While it may not always inform you how bored she might be, sometimes cats express their boredom in ways that you can’t always enjoy and are pretty blunt.

Before it begins to damage every roll of toilet paper you place on the holder, scratching your upholstery, or mounting the drapes, here are some manifestations of boredom that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Over-eating- cats will overeat just because it’s something to do. This can result in obesity.
  • Over-grooming or other repetitive tendencies- felines undergoing boredom may lick themselves repeatedly, pull out their fur, or bite/chew at their dermis. The annoyance of this behavior can cause them to proceed overgrooming, creating a continuous loop of frustrating behavior.
  • Lack of usual curiosity- cats may spend a considerable chunk of their day dozing, but they do have moments where they play and participate in physical activity. It could be boring if you observe that your cat isn’t doing much else apart from snacking at the food bowl and sleeping.
  • Fighting with or chasing after creatures- bored felines will sometimes pursue other pets as a way to expel pent-up power. If your cat attempts to corner the mutt or begins running after other kitties in the house, this may be an indicator that it requires additional stimulation.
  • Moping around the house- if your kitten appears to be uninterested in most things that usually get her active, including food, and seems down in the dumps, it could be a manifestation that it isn’t receiving sufficient mental stimulation.

If your kitty shows any of the above tendencies or another variation in its usual behavior, the first move is to see the veterinarian.

Behavioral transformations can be because of an underlying condition. Therefore, it’s vital to receive a veterinary examination before concluding an issue is behavioral.

If there does turn out to be a medical problem, it doesn’t mean your feline won’t benefit from some boredom busters, though.



Ways to Keep Your Fur Baby Active and Entertained

Here are some tips on ensuring that your kitty never gets bored:

Encourage Its Natural Stalking Disposition

Cat chasers and Feather Cat Teasers are an excellent and fun way to bring out the hunter in your furry baby.

Some Smart Cat Chasers are retractable, which makes them even more enjoyable. When your feline draws near to the object, all you have to do is hit the mechanical retraction button and observe them run around and pursue it.

Along with mental stimulation, this type of cat play is incredible for you and your family to encourage the kitty to exercise and bond with and spend time with it.


Provide Them with a View

Cats enjoy seeing what’s happening. If you have a window overlooking a bird feeder or another equally exciting scene, create a cozy place for them to jump and observe.

It’s fascinating how much a cat can keep itself delighted following birds along the window, keeping its mind exercised.

Perhaps you don’t have a captivating view. No problem! You can as well set your TV to a nature scene of birds and squirrels.


Make Eating Time a Challenge

Buy your cute furry friend a puzzle feeder that needs them to scheme how to get the food from a series of obstacles or a maze to consume it. Another game that’s straightforward to do is to conceal food all over the house.



Buy it a Scratching Pad or Scratching Post

A product such as the Pet Life Purresque Ultra-Premium designer contoured scratcher is made up of durable and ultra-premium cardboard featuring non-poisonous glue that manufacturers make from corn starch.

The item also features a contemporary feline-like curved shape with double lounging locations, making it easy for lounging or scratching.

The thing comes with catnip, which can stimulate play and activity.


Build a Cat Shelter

Felines love areas where they feel secure. These places are referred to as ‘cat refuges.’

Shelters are usually in an elevated location, like on top of a table or dresser, where a cat can scan the surroundings for ‘hazards’ just as they would in nature while being relatively concealed from view.

A shelter’s location can be high or low, and the substrate can be as straightforward as a cardboard box or paper bag.


Provide a Spot in the Sun

Cats enjoy the sun. Have a look around your dwelling and see what window permits the most sunshine, and think about putting a cat bed in that place.

Open curtains or blinds if you have them closed to permit your cat to bask in the sun. You could pet it as it basks for extra delight.


Get Another Cat

A second kitty may be what your feline needs, according to Companion Animal Psychology.

Several cats can keep each other company when you’re not around, play together, and even groom each other.

However, before rushing off to adopt another kitty, consider the additional charges and care linked to owning a second cat.

Also, present a new pet gradually as the experience may be overwhelming for both cats.




Cats are precious and lovable creatures that need your attention, even if they don’t behave like they do most of the time. If you can’t always be with them for whichever reason, the tips above can help you ensure that they remain active and entertained even when you’re away.

Buy any of the suggested products above today and use them on your furry baby. They’ll experience fun on an unmatched level.

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  • Himanshu Sapra
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