7 Hottest tech products every pet lover needs in 2022

7 Hottest Tech Products Every Pet Lover Needs In 2022

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The bond between us and our pets is a unique one. So, it's no surprise that pet owners will go above and beyond to show their pets love, and there's nothing wrong with it. Providing your precious fur babies with the best pet products usually comes naturally.

However, you need news about the latest and trendiest if you wish to bring your furry friend the best pet devices and tech products in the pet world. From automatic ball launchers to activity trackers, innovations in the tech world have produced some pretty cool tech devices specifically for pets. The market is so saturated that deciding on the most suitable can often become confusing.

That's why this post sums up seven of the latest and brightest tech devices you should own as a pet lover in 2022.


PETKIT ® 'MATE' WIFI Enabled Pet Monitor

Petkit mate Wifi Enabled Pet Monitor


The PETKIT MATE Smart WIFI-enabled pet video monitor allows you to enjoy interactive playing, viewing, and talking to your pets from almost any location in the world, provided you have an internet connection. The MATE comes with a durable yet sleek shell casing with an in-built laser for interacting with your pet through playful gestures.

The MATE can be your pet's best companion while you're away and has a one-year warranty. It is also one of the best Bluetooth pet products with in-built speakers, microphones, and a night vision 720 HD infrared camera for dual-way communication. Even better, you can control all these features through a mobile app installed on your phone.


Pet Life ® 'Aero-Groom' 2-in-1 Electronic Pet Dryer and Pin Brush


Pet Life Aero-Groom 2-in-1 Electronic Pet Dryer and Pin Brush


The Pet Life 2-in-1 electronic pet dryer and pin brush is what you can call a multipurpose pet grooming device. It's certainly not one of the most sophisticated smart pet products out there, but it is equipped with a high-powered and silent dryer. This silent dryer is connected to a pin brush expertly designed to serve two purposes - as a hairdryer and brush. Thus, this device offers the nearest you'll get to professional grooming at home. But the most compelling quality of this Pet Life product is the instinct drying it provides. Thanks to the hairdryers, your pet can get dry within minutes after an excellent grooming experience.


Pet Life ® 'Moda-Pure' Ultra-Quite Filtered Dog and Cat Fountain Waterer


Pet Life Moda-Pure Ultra-Quite Filtered Dog and Cat Fountain Waterer


The Pet Life Moda-Pure filtered fountain was built to filter any impurities in your pets' drinking water. It helps eliminate any chemicals, pathogens like bacteria, and heavy metals to ensure the health and well-being of your dogs and cats. The Moda-Pure boasts of a visibly appealing curved design, equipped with a transparent water level indicator so you can keep a check on the reducing water levels.

This product also has an ultra-quiet sump pump built to silently supply water to every part of the device, regulated by an automatic shut-off feature that stops water supply to ensure safe water evaporation. You can remove and refill the inner water container and maintain it quite easily. The water capacity is 84.6 ounces and features a filter cartridge that lasts about 60 days.


Pet Life 'Hush Puppy' Collapsible Electronic Heating and Cooling Smart Pet House


Pet Life Hush Puppy Collapsible Electronic Heating and Cooling Smart Pet House


The Pet Life 'Hush Puppy' smart pet house is a collapsible structure with an intelligent heating and cooling system. It's available in various colors and sizes and is suitable for homes and offices. You can adjust the inner system of this house with the push of a button, either to 'Cooling Mode' or 'Heating Mode.' In the cooling mode, you'll notice the button becomes blue. The heating mode sets the heating nodes in the memory foam into action to produce a gentle warmth for the pad. It comes with thermal control technology to guarantee your pets' safety, automatically turning off the heating mechanism.


PETKIT ® 'GO' Bluetooth USB Charging Route and Walk Distance Tracking Monitor

The PETKIT P2 smart pet activity tracking device keeps track of your pets' daily movements, health, and mood. It even monitors their deep and short sleep intervals to ensure pets get quality sleep, but that's not all. You can also rely on the calorie expenditure indicator programmed into the PETKIT application to track specific analysis of how your pet responds to certain diets, surroundings, and activities. You can download the application on Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. The device, which is also water-resistant, exists in five unique colors and has a total weight of only 1 Ounce. In addition, the P2 supports Bluetooth connection and synchronizes real-time activity to your smartphone and the cloud.




Petkit Fresh metal Pet Feeder


The PETKIT Fresh Metal pet feeder contains a large antibacterial bowl for feeding your cat and dog pets. It was also built with a digital scale that measures food weight both in Kilograms and Pounds. The anti-bacterial inner bowl is removable and dishwashable. This means you won't have any hard time maintaining this product.

Some of the additional features you’ll find interesting include the rubberized grips located at the bottom of the feeder to help it sit firmly in place. Also, Fresh Metals outer shell has an antimicrobial bio clean act which removes the better part of harmful bacteria and pathogens present in most dog and cat foods like E-coli. It uses AAA batteries, with two-year battery life and a one-year warranty.


Pet Life ® 'Armor-Vent' External USB Powered Backpack


Pet Life Armor-Vent External USB Powered Backpack

Carrying your pet around on a trip can be challenging without the right equipment. This makes the Pet Life Armor-Vent external backpack a handy product. It features a quiet USB-powered fan that helps your pet stay cool on the road. So it's also a pet cooler. The Armor-Vent also comes with a sided pouch that can hold your portable power banks and features a well-hidden wire for connecting the backpack to the power bank. The bag's exterior is made of a military-grade shell, ensuring durability.



There you have it, some of the best tech products to get for your beloved pets in 2022. Each of these products is beloved by pets and their owners, and your family will adore them too. But most of these seven devices come in different sizes, and you will find them quite durable and functional, mainly due to their innovative features, sleek design, and robust build. Your taste, preference, pet size, and other minor factors influence your final picks. So go ahead, spoil your pet with some of the hottest tech products today and watch them love you even more.

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