7 Best Cat Grooming Tools: Top Picks Review

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We all love our cats, their little toe beans, the pink noses, and the abundance of fluff, fur, and purrs. But fur can become pesky when it's all over the house, and your cat is looking less than presentable with messy hair, sharp claws, and other grooming nightmares.

Regular grooming of your kitty not only means you have to get the vacuum out less, but it is pivotal to ensuring your cat lives the healthiest life, just like they deserve.

Regular brushing decreases the amount of hair your cat sheds, thus resulting in fewer fur balls for you to clean up, and even helps develop a better bond between you and your feline friend. 

But just because your cat will be healthier and your bond stronger doesn't mean your cat will run willingly towards your grooming equipment - you need to be sure you have the best grooming tools to make the experience comfortable for your cat and resultantly for you too. A grumpy cat restrained to be brushed can result in some rather uncomfortable situations for you. So, buying the correct tools can make the experience much more pleasant for the pair of you.

Let's have a look at the seven best grooming tools that will help you keep your feline friend looking sleek and maintain their health while giving the vacuum a break.

Petlife Concepto Deshedder Comb:
 Petlife Concepto Deshedder Comb

The key to a nicely groomed kitty is a good comb. Cat combs that constantly pull on your feline's fur can irritate them and cause discomfort, which means they're more than likely going to be a little resistant when you pull out the brush. We all are aware of how irritating it is when the hairbrush yanks on your scalp, the same applies to your kitty. But grooming is vital to your cat, so making them comfortable is essential.

The Petlife Concepto Desheddar Comb will become your and your cat’s best friend when it comes to brushing time. It features a modern, sleek and unique design with a hair ejection section shaped like an oval on the reverse side designed to collect shredded fur, so it is easy to remove and dispose of. We've all been there yanking the fluff out of our pet brushes, feeling like we are getting nowhere. This brush will save you minutes with its simplistic and effortless design. The removal of knots is easy with the Concepto brush and gentle on your feline's skin.

Petlife Swasher Bathing Brush:

Petlife Swasher Bathing Brush

Cat brushes should become a part of your cat grooming routine too. Longer furred cats may occasionally need a bath, whether that be because they've got a little too dirty on their outdoor adventures or they're just matting too much, and a good grooming session is due. A cat is more than likely not going to be overjoyed by the prospects of entering the bathtub, so making the process as efficient as possible is an important mechanism to lead to successful cat baths.

The Petlife Swasher Bathing Brush is a great time-saving tool to get the cat’s bath over with as painlessly as possible for both of you. With soft and flexible massaging bristles and a shampoo holding container that dispenses as you brush.

With a contoured rubber grip, the brush is easy for you to hold even when wet, and your cat will enjoy a nice massage while their fur is kept in tip-top condition.

8 in 1 Perfect Coat Waterless Shampoo for Cats:

Perfect Coat Waterless Shampoo for Cats

Let's face it, a bath may be necessary for your cat sometimes, but the chances are the majority of cats will not entertain the idea of water unless you have a Maine Coon cat, in which case, good luck keeping your kitty out of the bathtub! 

The 8 in 1 waterless shampoo provides a quick and efficient way to wash your cat without having to put the precious puss in the bath! The shampoo is also easy to use on older cats or kittens who may be more challenging to bath.


earthbath eye wipes

Cats, like us humans, can suffer from gunky eyes, noses, and ears. The cleaning process, however, becomes a little trickier. Not many cats will welcome having their ears, nose, or eyes poked.

These wipes make the process quick, mess-free, and you can be reassured knowing that they are designed to be used on the sensitive areas of your pet - you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals hurting your pet as long as they are over six weeks old.

EARTHBATH Tushy Wipes Rosemary & Chamomile:

earthbath tushy wipes rosemary and chammomile

Not the most elegant of topics, but most cat owners can relate. Kitty jumps out of the litter box after going about her business, and oh no, a little bit of poop gets stuck in her fur. The process of cutting this out for your cat is not great for either of you and can leave behind a little bit of mess that isn't the easiest to clean.

These wipes are again safe for any cat over six weeks old and can help eliminate any mess easing embarrassment for both you and your cat.

Petlife Clip-Tronic claw clippers: 

Petlife Clip-Tronic claw clippers

Sharp claws are not only inconvenient for your cat as they may catch on to things often, but they can be quite literally a pain for you too!

With a built-in LED light that a USB connection can charge up - these clippers light up your cat’s claws, making it easier to see where you're clipping, and preventing any ouch moments for kitty.

TropiClean Freshening Kiwi Blossom Deodorizing Pet Spray: 

No good pamper session is complete without a nice smelly spritz of something good! 

This pet freshener eliminates unwanted pet odors making your cats and their environment smell as good as they look after their grooming session. With sweet Kiwi scents wafting around, your kitty is sure to be the talk of the town.

The bottom line:

So, there you have it, our best seven cat grooming tools. Pamper your feline friends, maintain their good health, and have the cutest kitty on the block with these useful and pain-free tools.

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