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6 Best Dog Beds You Didn’t Know About

6 Best Dog Beds You Didn’t Know About

There are a bunch of different categories when it comes to dog beds, so we chose the best 6 we have to offer in the different categories. Here are the 6 best dog best you didn’t know about.

Cheap Dog Beds

When it comes to a cheap dog bed the Pet Life Eco-Paw Reversible Dog Bed is the best option we offer. Some of our premium dog beds can reach up to $75 for that price you can get three for the price of one. The Eco Paw dog bed is reversible! One side has fleece for additional warmth in the winter months and the other side is a cotton which is as cool as the other side of a pillow. Since our Eco Paw bed is machine washable and affordable you can wash one and have another as a backup increasing the lifespan of the bed. With its durable materials it can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Fun Dog Beds

You’ll wake up with a smile every time you see your dog in our Pet Life Roar Bear Dog Bed. It comes in two different styles and both have a removable tongue dog mat. If you are worried about the teeth don’t be, we made sure that we put chew tough Styrofoam that can withstand excessive chewers. This dog bed is great for kids as well you’ll find them playing in it more than your dog will.

Sporty Dog Beds

Our Touchdog Sporty Vintage Dog Bed is a classic and beautiful in any home. The Sporty Vintage Bed has a high quality ultra-plush cotton and nylon blend for added strength and comfort. We also went with a thicker and heavier grade poly fill interior to maintain its shape and added comfort. The Sporty Vintage also sports a removable pillow and a side carrying handle to shake out excess fur trapped within the bed.

Collapsible Dog Beds

We have a whole category designated to collapsible dog beds, but our Touchdog Polo Striped Dog Bed is a classic design that can fit within any home. What makes this bed unique is that it transforms into a doghouse as well. We didn’t stop there we also added a removable pillow and handle to this dog bed as well for easy cleaning. The removable pillow included is reversible having a warmer fleece side and a cooler cotton blend side which can be changed depending on the weather.  

Inflatable Dog Beds

If your dog lives the pampered life, why not give them our Dog Helios Aero Inflatable Travel Dog Bed. The Aero Inflatable has a waterproof outer shell which is great for older dogs in case of urinary incontinence. It also offers a tear proof and abrasive proof design which is made to be easy to clean. If your dog suffers from arthritis an inflatable dog bed can help alleviate the pressure on their joints. As a bonus its folds and buckles shut making it an easy travel companion.  

Camping Dog Beds   

While our camping dogs can be used even inside a home, the Dog Helios Combat Terrain Dog Bed is specially made to handle the rough terrain when camping. Your dog will get dirty over the course of the trip so having one that’s easy to clean, durable, and breathable makes the camping trip smoother. The best part about its simplistic design is that it can roll up and attach to most outdoor travel backpacks.

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