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6 Best Airline-Approved Dog Carriers of 2021

6 Best Airline-Approved Dog Carriers of 2021

Traveling with pets is one of the most beautiful things you can do in life. Taking your furry friend to a new destination and having that unique experience is as mesmerizing as you can imagine. And, since we love them so much, we want to make sure that we are appropriately prepared for the trip. 

And, if the destination is very far away, and you need to travel by plane, then getting the best airline-approved dog carrier is a smart move.

Leaving your dog at home no longer has to be inevitable. All you have to do is check the regulations for carrying pets of the specific airline you are using. And voila - if your dog carrier is compatible with the airline choice laws, you can bring your dog on board.

You might already have a dog carrier that you use to take your dog to the vet. However, it might not be suitable for air travel. Some flights can be very long, and you have to think about the comfort of your pet. If you know your pet is comfortable - you will be at peace too.

In the remainder of the text, we will describe the six best, top-rated, and airline-approved dog carriers in 2021. Let’s begin:

Final Destination Airline Approved 2-in-1 Tough-Shell Wheeled Collapsible Travel Fashion Pet Dog Carrier Crate.

Image source:

When choosing among the best travel dog carriers, the ones with wheels are the perfect choice if you want to relieve yourself from carrying your dog’s weight. Other than avoiding pressure on your shoulders and back, it’s more balanced for the dog.

Airline dog carriers with wheels should be pulled along only flat and smooth surfaces. Exposing your dog to an uneven and bumpy surface can make your dog’s joints achy. However, if you have a large dog, a wheeled carrier should definitely be the way to go.

This Tough-Shell Wheeled Collapsible Pet Carrier has a hard-shelled outer exterior and a soft-shelled middle exterior. The wheels are made of rubber to ensure a smooth ride for your dog. Also, you can collapse to the width of three inches, which is perfect for storing at home.

Air-Venture Dual-Zip Airline Approved Panoramic Circular Travel Pet Dog Carrier

Image source:

This dog carrier comes with a cylindrical space above the very circular bottom, allowing your dog to breathe freely and gaze at the surroundings when traveling. It can be easily folded, and the 360 zippers along the whole “lid” are very accessible.

There is a handle at the center of the top and a strap for those who wish to carry it on their shoulders.

Touchdog Airline Approved Around-the-Globe Passport Designer Pet Carrier

Image source:

This type of carrier is excellent for small or medium-sized dogs. Aside from being great for traveling, bags like this are suitable for walks as well when you’re in a hurry. This passport designer pet carrier includes great ventilation for constant fresh air and a curtain for peaceful resting.

The bottom and the body of the carrier are made of accented leather.

Sporty Mesh Airline Approved Zippered Folding Collapsible Travel Pet Dog Carrier

Image source:

Hard-sided carriers like this one can ensure only the best protection for your dog on a long journey. Even if your dog tends to chew on things, the tough interior will endure. Aside from being great for carrying your dog on an airplane, this zippered collapsible carrier is excellent for the city too.

The 360 zipper on the sides is perfect for fast in-and-out placement if you plan to take Fido to a spa or for grooming.

Exquisite Airline Approved Designer Travel Pet Dog Handbag Carrier

Image source:

Soft-sided and smaller bags such as this one are suitable only for small or medium-sized dogs. Also, it’s ideal for dogs that are usually quiet and don’t tend to cause many inconveniences on a trip. If your dog is primarily nervous, this type of carrier is not the right choice.

The top benefit of carrier bags, on the other hand, is that they’re much more portable than hard-sided ones. So other than on an airplane, you can easily use dog carriers like these when going to a restaurant or the mall.

The primary material of this dog carrier is polyester. The sunroof is adjustable, which is meant for additional light. The handbag comes with a leash holder as well, for better safety.

“Pawdon Me” Wheeled Airline Approved Travel Collapsible Pet Dog Carrier

Image source:

Airline approved, the “Pawdon Me” collapsible dog carrier has rubber wheels and is perfect for a safe and balanced ride for your dog. Open-close access is easy and accessible, and the front, which can be unzipped, can ensure your dog with the best view during the trip.

There is also a side pouch that is perfect for carrying all your pet’s belongings. You can adjust the handle easily to the preferred length, ranging to 37.5 inches. There is also a built-in leash holder included for the best safety. 

The carrier can be collapsed to 2 inches, making this carrier perfect for storing at home, taking up minimum space.

The Wrap Up

Before buying a carrier for your pet, consider the comfort and whether it is collapsible or not. 

The rubber wheels are highly recommended for a comfortable ride. In addition, the collapsible carriers are easier to store.

Also, bags are only for smaller dogs, whereas wheeled ones are more suitable for larger ones. Needless to say that you should always check the regulations of the airline you opt for before considering taking your dog along.

Long story short, taking your dog on a trip is a beautiful thing. Traveling to a new destination and exploring every nook and cranny there, especially with your pet, is something incredible. So, if you are going by plane, a suitable carrier will bring comfort to your dog, and you will have peace of mind. You won’t need to worry about what is going on with your pet while you are on the airplane, traveling to a new and exciting destination.

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