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5 Fun Facts About Dogs

5 Fun Facts About Dogs

1. Did you know your dogs feet are ticklish?

Dog feet

Most pet owners don’t know this, but there is little bit of hair that stick out through your dogs’ paws and that area is super ticklish. When you do this, you will see how fast the try to hide their little legs away from you. This shouldn’t be done all the time because you are most likely bothering your pet. On occasions teasing your dog isn’t going to have any long-lasting effects. If you don’t like being tickled, then chances are your dog won’t like it as well. Moderation is key with anything! Otherwise we recommend buying one of our dog shoes.

2. Dogs with black spots in their mouth aren’t smarter

Dog with black spots in the mouth

Dogs that have black spots in their mouth doesn’t mean that they have a higher intelligence than dogs who don’t. There are common breeds that have black spots either on the roof of their mouths & sometimes on their tongues. For the most case why this happens is due to pigmentation however there are cases where dogs can have oral melanoma. If you are keeping an eye on your pet and take them to the vet for checkups you shouldn’t have any problems.

3. Your dogs’ shots don’t last forever

Vaccinating a Dog

Unlike humans dogs need their booster shots at least every year some shots can last longer for up to three years. When we are vaccinated as children it’s usually a one and done. Dogs need to have booster shots to make sure they are happy and healthy from rabies, Lyme disease, and other diseases.

4. Dogs do have a sense of time

Dog In-front of clock

This is a common misconception that dogs can’t differentiate what time it is. Have you ever noticed that your dog picks up its food bowl when you need to feed it? Have you also noticed that your dog is ready and waiting to go outside when you usually take them out? They do have a sense of time, but they aren’t bound by it.

5. Dogs can get jealous

Dog Feeding

Yes, your dog can get jealous. Just like when a child can get jealous when their parents bring home a new baby dogs feel the same way. If you have multiple dogs, you shouldn’t favor one over the other especially in front of each other. This can lead to your dogs fighting with one another and fight for your affection. Two dogs are better than one, but only if you have the time for both.

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  • Pet Life Admin
Comments 3
  • Samira

    I love the facts!

  • Samira

    I love the facts!

  • finnigansplaypen

    We are very excited about being able to offer some of these products and want to ensure that your shopping experience is as pleasant as possible. We are here to serve You and your Pets every need.

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